Hop Varieties


Though similar to Cascade and Chinook, Centennial has roughly double the alpha acids that Cascade has, making it a citrusy standby for American India Pale Ales. We have planted 2.25 acres of Haas Centennial and expect a good yield in 2017.


We are growing 1.75 acres of Chinook hops. This is a vigorous hop plant with big cones good for bittering and aroma with piny and grapefruit aromas. It is establishing well and we have harvested 400lbs of wet hops in 2016


We are currently growing a around three quarters of an acre of Santiam.  It is floral and herbal, resembling a noble hop aroma, and should be good in pilsner and lager.


We have 1.75 acres of Tahoma. Created in 2013 in a Washington State breeding program, this newer hop is similar to the Glacier variety when it comes to cohumulone levels, but it differs in regard to its high alpha acid levels. This is a late maturing lemony hop which is settling in CT quite well.

Smokedown Farm Wild Hop

After an exploration around the farm we found a feral hop growing around the foundation of the old farm house. We have started to cultivate the wild hop in a few rows. We have sent samples off for testing! May be offering a special Smokedown variety coming soon!


We are growing almost an acre and planning to expand. Teamaker variety in very unique, the alpha and beta acid levels are reversed which preserves aroma but has little bitterness. Consequently it makes good tea and a perfect dry hop. We have recently sold to Harney and Sons Tea in Millerton, NY. To make a purchase of the hop tea click here.

Wye Challenger

We are currently growing 1 acre of Wye Challenger. This English hop is the British answer to Centennial with spicy, citrusy aroma and high alpha acids. It has proved to be very vigorous and we harvested almost 400 lbs of wet hops this year.